UK University Education for Overseas Students

Published by Study in the UK on September 20th, 2011

Higher Education in the United Kingdom is recognised all round the world for its high standards of scholarship and research. The UK has nearly 170 universities and colleges of higher education and between them they offer an unrivalled range of courses.

Study in a UK University

Studying in a UK University

The top twenty universities in the UK form what has been known since 1994, as the Russell Group. In many ways this is the British equivalent of the Ivy League in the United States. The name is based on the fact that the Vice Chancellors for the group meet for tea and cakes at the Russell Hotel, Russell Square, London. hence the Russell Group. Two thirds of research grants and contract funding in the UK is received by Russell Group universities.

The competition for places at Russell Group universities has become increasingly competitive. In 2010 the 20 universities that make up the Russell Group took in approximately 75,000 new undergraduates, and it is estimated that there are now ten people applying for each place.

When applying for a university place, many students will choose those institutions that are near the top of the league table. It should be borne in mind that obtaining admission to a UK top twenty university has become much more competitive and difficult over the past few years. The number of applications has risen steadily, with an increase of 10% for entry in 2010 over 2009, while at the same time the number of places has fallen, as the British government has made spending cuts and capped the number of places available. In 2010 there were over 680,000 applicants for places, and more than 180,000 students were disappointed, a rise of nearly 50,000 on the 2009 figure. All the indicators suggest that this situation is going to get even worse in leading to 2013.

Therefore the need to get expert professional advice, when selecting courses and universities, and making an application through the UCAS system for overseas students is very important. The educational advisers at Student Advisory Board ( will work closely with internation students to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity of getting to the university of their choice. Student Advisory Board ( can give students that vital edge when applying for popular courses at competitive UK universities.

The consultants at Student Advisory Board ( work with students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds including Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Russia and are fully familiar with international qualifications and educational systems. International students should start usually seek help from Student Advisory Board ( about 18 months prior to their enrollment at a UK university.

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