uk student visa

Visa requirements for students applying for a place in a UK university or college

Before you begin your UK education,  STUDY IN THE UK have to apply for a visa on your behalf. The UK uses a points-based system to asses all international students who want to study in the UK. You get points by proving you have a place on a course and enough money to

UK Entry Visa Required for International Students

support yourself – and we can check your total points online before you make an application.

There are two types of visa for international students outside of the European Economic Area (EEA or EU)

  • Adult student (also known as general student)
  • Child student  (for children aged four to 17 years old coming to study at independent fee paying schools or studying at further education colleges). For more information on child student visas visit the UK Border Agency (UKBA) website. (

Applying for a general student visa on your behalf:
If you are coming to study in the UK for more than six months you must pass a points-based assessment. You need to score 40 points before you can travel to the UK – these points include:

  • 30 points for a visa letter from a licensed sponsor (This is the university or college which has accepted your apllication conditionally after we pay the admission fee on your behalf.) The visa letter will include information about you, your education provider, your course and your finances. The visa letter issued by a licensed UK university or college is an official offer letter from the UK education provider you intend to study at. They will complete the letter and give it to you, but you can find out what information should be included on the UKBA website. (
  • 10 points for showing you have enough money to cover course fees and monthly living costs for up to nine months. Any bank statements you provide must confirm you have held the money for at least 28 days. To gain ten points, you will need to prove you have the following funds in your account for the following purposes:
  1. Length of course
  2. Where you will study
  3. Maintenance (funds) needed for nine months. London based students must provide full course fees + £800 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of nine months
  4. More than nine months, London-based students first year of fees + £7,200 to cover a typical academic year in the UK (i.e. nine months)
  5. Students outside London: Full course fees + £600 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of nine months; More than nine months: Outside London, first year of fees + £5,400 to cover a typical academic year in the UK (i.e. nine months)

The UK Boarder Agency has a points-based calculator which will indicate whether you may be eligible to study in the UK. Please note that the results produced by using this tool will not guarantee a successful application. You can try the points-based calculator (

International or Middle Eastern students with financial sponsorship
If you have a scholarship or other form of financial sponsorship, you should provide a letter of confirmation when you apply for your visa. The letter must be on official letter-headed paper or stationery and have the official stamp of the organisation of your financial sponsor. It should include: your name, name and contact details of your official financial sponsor, date of the letter, length of the sponsorship, the amount of money you have or a statement that your official financial sponsor will cover all of your fees and living costs while you are in the UK.

How long can you study in the UK?
If you choose to study at degree level or above, you can stay for the full duration of your course, plus up to an extra four months. If your course is below degree level, you will be allowed to stay for up to three years.It is important that we can help you to choose the right course and institution before you come to the UK to study. We can handle all the hassle and look after all the hard work before you come.